What is a Beach Towel & How Do I Choose the Best One?

The water is calling out to you! A swimsuit, pool toys, flip-flops, snacks, a book for the beach, and lots of sunscreens are all packaged in your favorite tote bag. Just an appropriate beach towel is still missing, though!

Although Quality Logo Products is not a surf shop, we do sell around 25,000 people custom beach towels annually. They are popular as summertime handouts for gatherings like pool parties and picnics. Theme parks, swimming pools, motels, and hotels all sell beach towels as souvenirs.

Beach towel review

You want to pick the nicest towels, whether you have one made specifically for you or purchase one from a retailer. You have this towel guide to aid you, which is fortunate. Prepare to ride the waves!

What is a Beach Towel?

An easy-to-transport, lightweight towel is a towel. towels are frequently available in bright colors, or they may be decorated with fun patterns or well-known cartoon characters. towels are frequently softer than standard bath towels since they are made of low-density cotton or microfiber.

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After a swim, you can dry yourself with an ordinary bath towel, but a towel is much more convenient. On a hot day, towels are more comfortable to wear about your body, easier to transport, and cooler.

What is the size of a beach towel?

A beach towel is large enough to wrap around your body or use as a blanket, measuring 30″ W x 60″ L on average. Naturally, not all towels are the same size. Depending on the towel you choose to purchase, the sizes change.

If you want to spread out in the sand with your entire family, you can get extra-large towels. Small towels are also available for children.

How are towels made?

Cotton, polyester, microfiber, or terry velour are the materials used to make towels. These synthetic materials feel comfortable on your skin and are absorbent. For a day by the water, they must also dry rapidly!

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Cotton Beach Towels

Do you want to water ski or go surfing? What about rafting or kayaking? Bring a cotton towel with you! You’ll like the plush, fluffy feeling as you unwind on the beach.

Microfiber Beach Towels

Microfiber towels are a great investment for parents. These compact, lightweight towels won’t take up much space in your beach bag, which is helpful because you need to bring a lot for a day at the beach.

Terry Beach Towels

Terry is a very thick variety of cotton. For individuals who need to dry off quickly and thoroughly, this towel material is ideal.

Polyester Towels

Polyester is a smart choice if you frequently use towels. You may wash it regularly without worrying about it shrinking because it doesn’t do so as easily as cotton does.

a girl sitting on the Sanitation Towel

Which is better for towels, cotton or microfiber?

There are differing views on which material is preferable for towels: cotton or microfiber. However, 100% cotton is the way to go, according to Consumer Reports! The greatest material is this one because it can withstand numerous washings without breaking down. The most absorbing as well.

You are free to make that choice! The comparison between cotton and microfiber towels is shown in the table below.

Microfiber Beach TowelsCotton Beach Towels
fast dryTakes more time to dry
Fun colors and patternsFun colors and patterns
slightHeavy & bulky
clingy and statickywithout static
Known for being “sand-free”Sand sticks to the fabric
Breaks down more quicklyhigher durability
greater expenseBudget-friendly
Sanitation Towel with cap

Cotton makes for the greatest towel material because it is inexpensive, soft, and absorbent. Although microfiber provides advantages like being lightweight and sand-free, it is more expensive and less long-lasting.

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